Hundreds of resources for just $47 a year!


It’s an affordable 12-month membership — perfect for anyone who teaches STEM to students ages PreK-5th grade.

How do you engage students without burning out and breaking the bank?

So many teachers and parents have told me about spending lots of money and  hours trying to find or create new STEM resources. Guess what? I have come up with the solution for this concern — Jewel’s School Gems Club. My aim is to help you bring collaboration, problem solving, and tons of engagement into your classroom with STEM resources that will not only make your students, parents, and administrators smile, but also save you time and money.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

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You know things need to change...

you’re time poor 

and overwhelmed

you’re feeling

a little stuck

you’re sick of

spending lots

of money

Jewel’s School Gems Club exists because no teacher should have to spend lots of money and hours just trying to find or create new STEM resources.

STEM can greatly change students’ outlooks on school and their life. In terms of school, STEM provides an outlet to be creative and find a solution rather than be given one. For life, STEM provides opportunities to explore possible job paths that might have not been known before. However, providing quality STEM education shouldn’t take its toll on you.

it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

spend more time 

teaching than

recreating the wheel

week after week

enjoy the confidence 

of knowing exactly 

how to engage your

class with inspiring and

fun STEM lessons

win back your evenings

and weekends plus

regain your passion

and energy for your job

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.



This annual membership is for teachers and homeschool parents who are teaching STEM to children from Pre-K to 5th grade. For the low price of $47 a year (less than the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee per month), implementing STEM will be stress-free and hands-on!

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These are what happy teachers have to say about our STEM resources...

“The kids had fun with these activities and I enjoyed watching them come up with their ideas and testing them. I don’t tell students how to build them so they can learn problem solving skills.”

“I love these STEM choice boards! I was struggling to figure out how to continue STEM projects via distance learning. I love the choice board concept. I introduced it to my students and I’m looking forward to seeing what my students create each week. I’m excited that my students can continue to create fun, STEM project at home. Thank you!”

Ready to change your life?

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Here's what you get...

💎 A catalogue of almost 300 STEM resources to help you plan your curriculum, keep students engaged, and make sure your lessons shine.

💎 A minimum of four new resources per month. So, that means you'll have at least 52 new resources to add to your inventory every year.

💎 Access to the private Jewel’s School Gems Club Facebook Community.

💎 Email support and the ability to send in requests for new resources.

“Our Makerspace looks so much more inspiring. The bright pictures and quotes were just what we needed to help our little makers start creating in this new space.

“I am the superintendent of the Children’s program at my church. Every year we host a VBS program for all children who are entering Pre-K-6th grade. Due to COVID 19, we were unable to prepare for our traditional program on-site. So this year we did a take-home VBS program. We prepared this curriculum for children in 3rd-6th grade. I copied each lesson, provided the children with the supplies for the suggested craft and a snack that aligned with the lesson of each day. It was magical! The cost of each lesson was about $10 a bag per child. That averages out to $2 a day to keep children engaged for hours. The feedback that we have been receiving is incredible. Some parents are asking for more!  Since we only needed 5 days’ worth of lessons, we will use the rest of the lessons for our weekly Sunday School classes this fall.”

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Instant access to the existing Jewel’s School Gems catalogue
(value = $1,000)

At least 4 NEW resources per month
(value = $20)

Simple STEM Task Cards BONUS
(value = $5)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of almost $1,025!

But you can become a member today for a special investment of only $47.

For less than the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee each month, get the support you need to save time and deliver engaging lessons that work.

$47 USD



Hey there! I'm Jewel.

I’m the Teacher-Author behind Jewel’s School Gems Club. I’m in love with STEM. I’m also very much into technology-based and digital resources. I enjoy helping elementary teachers like you save time so you can focus more on teaching and enjoying your hours after school. I’m so thrilled to have you here!


Good, because there's something I really need to tell you.

Jewel’s School Gems Club is PERFECT for you if you can say “YES, THAT’S ME” to ANY of the points below…

💎 You’re overwhelmed with everything on your plate, drowning in to-dos, and don’t have time to spend hours creating the perfect lesson plans or curriculum… but don’t want to compromise on quality.

💎 You want to be certain that your STEM lessons are engaging and rich in standards without compromising on FUN.

💎 You’re not a trained STEM teacher, but you make up for it with loads of passion and curiosity… and you just need a little help to become that confident teacher you know you can be.

💎 You might be confident in your skills as a STEM teacher (perhaps you’re a veteran teacher or have a STEM degree), but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately… and you’re ready to breathe new life and energy into your STEM program.

💎 You teach STEM as a homeschooling parent. You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons that work for you and your students!

… So did you say YES to any of the questions above? If I’ve got you nodding along…

Your next step is really quite obvious because YOU and Jewel’s School Gems Club are a perfect match!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but the $47 price tag is a limited-time offer. I know teachers have limited budgets so I decided in order to serve the community better, I would keep the price for as long as I can, but the price will go up eventually. 

Of course! You can purchase Jewel’s School Gems STEM resources on TpT OR you can join Jewel’s School Gems Club. If you love having a variety of lessons, activities and materials, plus having a private Facebook community, it’s a better deal to become a member. If you’re an occasional STEM teacher who doesn’t need support or many teaching resources, this membership may offer more than you need.

This is a great question. For teachers who have the time to search the internet and Pinterest looking for lesson inspiration, this is often one of the most enjoyable parts of being a STEM teacher. But if you have a busy life, more students than you can handle and have limited time for lesson planning, the low membership fee feels like a drop in the bucket.

And while the fee is very affordable (less than the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee per month), we tend to value and put into action what we pay for. Jewel’s School Gems Club offers high quality lessons that are available for you when you need them.

It’s only $47 per year for now and the good news is you won’t be charged a higher price next year when you renew. When the price goes higher in the following days, months, or years, as long as you stay as a paying member AND don’t cancel your membership, the membership fee will stay at $47 for you.

No questions. I'm ready for this!

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You are so ready for this journey.

Don’t be the STEM teacher who missed out and decided to suffer through burnout and being broke…all alone.

There’s a better and brighter way for you.

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