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10+ Unplugged Coding Activities for Kids

Hello there! Today’s post is about Unplugged Coding Activities! I am so excited to share this post with you! I know you are going to love these resources as much as I do.

What Are Unplugged Coding Activities?

Unplugged Coding Activities sounds like a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? Or at the very least, a backwards way of teaching a skill. If you have yet to try Unplugged Coding Activities, you may be thinking (like I did!) “You want me to teach computer skills without a computer?” Yes! Yes, I do. Trust me – this is the best way to begin and reinforce coding skills!

Coding is more than learning a language – rather it involves problem solving, critical thinking, logic and reasoning. My Unplugged Coding Activities provide a hands-on visual way to think like a coder and learn skills that later will be easily transferable to online devices with a deeper understanding of why things are done a certain way.

Now, more than ever, it is important to find no-tech activities for kids. This is why I’ve created so many themes!

What Are Included in Each Packet?

Each of these packets of Unplugged Coding Activities contains:

  • Guide for Teachers
  • Images of Resource in Action
  • Blank Gameboard
  • Pre-made Gameboard
  • Console
  • Objects and Steps
  • Black and White Versions of the Printable Sheets

With so many themes to chose from, your students can practice coding all year long.

What Are the Themes?

Start or finish the school year with Back-to-School or End-of-Year Unplugged Coding Activities.

In the back-to-school theme, students must navigate safely through an area of traffic lights and road construction to get to school. The end of year theme features a graduate who must reach the teacher for his diploma, by navigating through photographers and classmates.

I also have Unplugged Coding Activities for each of the seasons.

For winter, the player must safely navigate through snowballs and moose to get to the cabin. The spring version has a garden full of bees and rain and the student must reach the flower bed with basket to pick some flowers. Summer would not be summer without sandcastles and sun, and in this version, the player can cool off by navigating to the refreshing water. And fall, of course, features a pumpkin patch full of scarecrows and leaves.

As holidays approach, if your class is anything like mine, you will need highly engaging activities to keep your students focused, so I have created Unplugged Coding Activities for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Pirate Day, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter.

Pirate Day is one of my favorite holidays so I really enjoyed creating this dangerous ocean full of sharks and octopus, which the pirate must navigate so he can reach the treasure!

Halloween has trick-or-treaters who must reach the haunted house through bats and spiders.

Thanksgiving players must negotiate travel hurdles and sporting events to reach the table.

Poor Santa must fly from the North Pole through a sky full of planes and snowflakes in order to reach the children’s houses on Christmas eve.

The New Year’s Celebration game board has party goers who must make it safely from home to a friend’s house through firecrackers and fireworks.

Cupid is busy at work for Valentine’s Day, but needs help getting one child to the other, despite rain and traffic jams.

Oh, and poor Mr. Leprechaun needs your students help to safely navigate St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun traps and claim the pot of gold!

And last but not least, the Easter Bunny must find the way to the Easter Basket through owls and foxes.

Unplugged Coding Activities with Jewel’s School Gems Club

So, which ones do you want? All of them? Great! 

I have saved the best news for last! You can get ALL of them when you join Jewel’s School Gems Club STEM today!

You’ll also get the following bonus resources: Introduction to Coding and Coding Vocabulary Posters.

Update: Fire Prevention Week Unplugged Coding Activity has been added on September 28, 2021. Have your kids help the firefighter/s find their way out of a burning house with this resource.

Get the Unplugged Coding Activities plus BONUSES below and hundreds more of other STEM resources by joining my affordable annual membership for teachers and parents wanting tons of high-quality STEM resources all in one place! Sign up today!

Unplugged Coding Activities Resources

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