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Teaching Animal Life Cycles with Interactive Wheel Crafts

As an elementary teacher, finding engaging and interactive resources to teach your students about animal life cycles can be a challenge. The Animal Life Cycle Interactive Wheel Crafts from Jewel’s School Gems are an excellent resource that can make teaching life cycles fun and exciting for your students.

What Are Interactive Wheel Crafts?

Interactive wheel crafts are interactive paper-based crafts that teach students about the life cycles of different animals. The crafts involve creating a wheel with two layers, the base layer showing different stages of the animal’s life cycle. The wheel spins, revealing different information as the wheel turns.

Why Use Interactive Wheel Crafts?

Interactive wheel crafts are a great resource for teaching animal life cycles for several reasons.

Firstly, the interactive wheel crafts allow students to see the different stages of an animal’s life cycle in a visually engaging way. Students can interact with the craft, spinning the wheel to reveal different information about each stage.

Secondly, interactive wheel crafts by Jewel’s School Gems are flexible as they are available in both color and black and white. This flexibility gives you the freedom to print them as needed. The finished wheels can be used for individual presentations of understanding about the life cycles mentioned in front of the class or within small groups. They can also be placed on bulletin boards and science journals.

Thirdly, the interactive wheel crafts allow students to express their creativity and personalize their learning experience. They can use different colors, designs, and patterns to make their craft unique.

Fourthly, creating a spinning craft requires cutting, coloring, and assembling different layers. These activities help students develop their fine motor skills, which are essential for writing, drawing, and other activities.

How to Use Interactive Wheel Crafts

To use Interactive Wheel Crafts in your classroom, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose an Animal. Select an animal whose life cycle you want to teach your students. Jewel’s School Gems Interactive Wheel Crafts feature a variety of animals, including butterflies, frogs, chickens, and ants.

Step 2: Select a Template. Choose a template that matches your needs. Jewel’s School Gems Interactive Wheel Crafts templates are available in both color and black and white, giving you the flexibility to print them as needed.

Step 3: Print and Prepare. Print the templates and prepare the materials you need, such as scissors, glue, and coloring materials (such as markers or crayons).

Step 4: Create the Wheel. Cut out each layer of the wheel and color them according to the animal’s characteristics. Stack the two layers of the wheel on top of each other, aligning the holes in the center. Secure the layers with a brad or glue.

Step 5: Engage Students. Use the finished wheels to engage your students in learning about animal life cycles. Students can present their wheels to the class or within small groups, explaining the different stages of the animal’s life cycle.

Animal Life Cycle with Jewel's School Gems Club

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Interactive Wheel Crafts Resources

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